Fall is in the Air!

As many of you have noticed Fall is upon us and thus we come into many changes and transitions here at Smiling Dog Yoga Studio. Most namely, me.

My name is Bree Hugins, I am Smiling Dog’s new blogger. I am here to give you the insider scoop as a student at Smiling Dog Yoga. We’ll be talking about Roxanne’s Café and healthy recipes that will encourage the Yogi lifestyle in you, and an inside look at Bree’s Corner, where I review classes and explore other student’s testimonials at Smiling Dog and show you resources you may find helpful in your own practice.

Roxanne’s Café ~

I am a big fan of Roxanne’s Café and find Fall to be one of the best times to enjoy it. There is something so warm and soothing about her soups, rice dishes, and salads. I’ll be sharing some delicious delicacies with you offered at Roxanne’s as well as some healthy recipes that will warm your hearts as the weather starts to cool down.

This week’s special recipe is one of my favorites. As the squash start to show their colors at the local Farmer’s Market so does my desire for warm home cooked meals. I found this amazing soup recipe that will get you into the spirit in no time.

Gluten-free Vegan Roasted Butternut Squash Soup Recipe


Bree’s Corner! The class this week ~ Jonathan’s Hatha Yoga Class on Monday at 9 am

This is usually a larger class and as such has a wonderful community feel to it. I find myself in this class most every week because I love starting off the week with this slow strengthening sequence that speaks to my body. What I love about Smiling Dog, and what I haven’t found at other studios is the intention that many students come to the class with. They leave the judgment of others and of themselves at the door and come to class with kindness and appreciation. When this intention is set I find myself easing into the meditative state that Jonathan begins his classes with. What Jonathan provides as a teacher in his classes is a cheerfulness, a supportive kindness in making the practice your own, and encouragement in experimenting with challenging postures that you build up to. This class started off with a slow meditative build up, allowing the warmth to gain in your body, to the core of the practice where pace and strength build, and then a gradual warm down toward the ease of Savasana (corpse pose). Although each of the classes are different in sequence you can expect a childlike energy, community feel, and gradual build up and warm down through each class. I hope you find an opportunity to take one of Jonathan’s Hatha classes they are wonderful.



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