Can Yoga Change the World?

Being a graduate with a BA in Peace Studies, I won’t hesitate to tell you that international development and global issues are some of my biggest passions. With that in mind, I am always looking into possibilities of social change that I can partake in every day. I saw this amazing video on about a documentary coming out. Take a quick look at what some people are doing to better the world and let me know your thoughts? Do you think yoga can have a real and lasting impact in this region of the world?

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‘Township Yogi’ Documentary Aims to Change the Lives of HIV/Aids Sufferers in South Africa

d77b41_24db8e6f132bec7b27d9999d9e9815f0.jpg_srz_320_430_75_22_0.50_1.20_0If you ask us, yoga has the power to positively affect everyone. But when it comes to grand scale, to mass poverty and disease-ridden communities, what difference can yoga make? This is what a team of documentary filmmakers and yogis are asking for this new project‘Township Yogi.’ Can people use yoga to help the townships of South Africa where the effects of crime, poverty, sexual violence, unemployment and HIV/AIDS run high? They’re going to try.

South African screenwriter/producer Elle Matthews is also a yoga practitioner and decided to do her own research on the benefits and effects of yoga on health, especially diseases like tuberculosis and HIV/Aids, in small townships like KwaZulu Natal and Inanda. Sadly, a staggeringly high level of Aids, in fact the highest in the world, is found in South Africa, and almost 40% of the HIV/AIDS population live in townships in KwaZulu Natal.

It’s not the miracle cure, but in her studies, Elle found how the practice of yoga can help boost immune system function, reduce stress, improve muscle tone and maybe even slow the progression of the disease. And so Elle and her team are setting up yoga studios and classes in the heart of Inanda, training yoga teachers from within the community. They’re hoping the documentary will raise awareness and eventually raise some funds to support sustaining the project and growing it into other townships in South Africa.

They are asking for your help. Here’s a link to their indiegogo campaign video.

More info on the ‘Township Yogi’ documentary:

The documentary focuses n the setup of grassroots yoga studios in Inanda – where most people have never heard of yoga – and looks at how yoga can be used as a practice of transformation for HIV sufferers and those loving in poor township areas.

‘Township Yogi’ follows five township youths whose lives are transformed through the power of yoga, and explores what repercussions and effects this has in the poverty-stricken, HIV and crime-ridden communities in which they live.

We thank you for your interest in our project. We truly believe yoga has the power to change the lives of individual people in the townships, and to affect their entire communities in a positive way.

Visit their indiegogo campaign page here.

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